The importance of the right partnership – AN INTRODUCTION TO GSG CERAMIC DESIGN

In our recent blog, we mentioned how important it is for us at Aquaplus Solutions to have the right partnership with the best manufacturers across the globe in order to offer the finest products to our customers.

Today, we would like to make two introductions, one to GSG Ceramic Design and the other to the new product site we have created with all the products we sell from GSG in the UK.


GSG Ceramic Design, a manufacturing company specialising in the production of high quality sanitary ware, was established in 1968, by Antonio Giovannini, in Civita Castellana, the most important ceramic region of Italy.

GSG Ceramic Design

GSG Ceramic Design exports to 56 countries across the globe and its products are specified by leading architects and interior designers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

The evolution of GSG Ceramic Design has led from the production of neoclassical models to the current offer of an expanding portfolio of beautiful bathroom products with a unique, modern design.

In every moment of its history, colour has always been a part of the company’s DNA and for many years, GSG Ceramic Design has been the reference for coloured ceramic; from red to orange, pink to blue, brown to black and now a pallet of 16 contemporary colours in both gloss and matt finish.

From its inception through to the current day, with each technical and commercial evolution, GSG Ceramic Design has and will always remain true to some important principles on which customers can rely:

  • High Quality Production
  • Strong, Unique Design
  • Technological Advances
  • Constant Evolution of Product Portfolio

Choosing a GSG Ceramic Design product will always mean choosing value beyond a function.

GSG Ceramic Design
GSG Ceramic Design

Massimo Abati 

Massimiliano Abati (pictured) was born in Civita Castellana (Vt) in 1975. He studied architecture at the Sapienza di Roma, (Sapienza University in Rome). As visual communication consultant for primary schools, he collaborated at the Portoghesi architect studio from 1998. In 2003, he collaborated with some fashion and performing arts agencies, in the areas of scenography and location. He has designed many stunning bathroom products for GSG Ceramic Design. In 2010, he presented the Albero “experience” shower for Flaminia. At present, he oversees the design supervision for several companies, working in design, interiors and communication.

Earlier this month, we launched ….

Our microsite, GSG Bathrooms Online, was created to help specifiers quickly find the products they are searching for along with the supporting technical information. We hope this will speed up your specification and creative process when planning a new bathroom. Visit our GSG microsite, view our beautiful product range and download from either a product type or range or download one of the GSG Catalogues, or all of them!  

GSG Bathrooms Online Website

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