The importance of the right partnership – AN INTRODUCTION TO DECA


Following our previous blog, introducing you to our important supply partners, we present Deca – A Global Power House in Bathroom Ceramics

Deca started its operations in the UK in 2002 through an exclusive relationship with Aquaplus Solutions and their products have been installed in some of the UK’s most prestigious residential, hotel and office schemes and is widely respected for offering high quality, beautifully designed products and a huge array of sizes, styles and finishes.


International award winner and environment conscious, Deca leads the South American development and production of quality bathroom ceramics

Deca is a Brazilian company that is part of the Duratex Group, a constituent of the parent company Itausa SA and one of the largest and most successful businesses in South America. Since 1947, the company has occupied a prominent position in the development and production of high quality bathroom ceramics and brassware fittings for both the Brazilian and international export markets. Today Deca’s portfolio includes more than 1,200 lines of ceramics including WC’s, bidets and basins and over 5,000 lines of brassware and accessories

With its head office in São Paulo, production is concentrated in state of the art manufacturing facilities in nine cities across Brazil and annual production now exceeds 18 million in metal fittings and 8 million in Vitreous China and fireclay, ranking Deca as one of the top five manufacturers in the world in terms of volume.

With ISO 9001/2000 certification and approximately 6,000 employees, Deca exports to more than 35 countries, including in South Africa, Portugal, the UK, Middle East and the USA.

The focus on design lead the company to receive international awards for its products including the iF Design Awards in Hannover, Germany for four consecutive years.

Deca has a great concern for the environment and together with other business; they founded the ONG GreenBuilding Council Brazil (GBC Brazil) in 2007 and GreenBuilding Council Paraguay (GBC Paraguay), to assist in the development of products, processes and standards related to sustainable construction. Deca was the only company in its industry to take this initiative. They also have recycling programs for re-use of water, especially in relation to the ceramic production where they achieve 50% water re-use.

The alignmentof the practicesof Deca’s manufacturing facilities toprinciples andstandardsspread widely throughoutthe world is areflectionofthe commitmentof Decato environmentaladvances. Since 2008, the companyis a signatoryof the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations(UN) which aims to encouragethe business sectorto adoptcorporate socialresponsibility practicesthat promote amore inclusive andsustainableeconomy. Thus, Deca governstheir activitiesbased onthe tenprinciples that characterisethe treatyfor the defenseof human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

For Deca to be a great brand is not only has to create innovative products with great quality, it also has to be aware of the impact of each activity on the environment and society as a whole and to have as a major goal, the aim to build a better future.That is why they focus their efforts on actions for sustainability and invest in research to improve their production processes and productivity using natural resources ensuring a low environmental impact.

The balance between past and future

2019 sees the launch of a stunning new collection of bathroom ceramics by designer Jader Almeida (pictured below), for many years one of Brazil’s most well-known and respected designers and now an increasing international recognition and awards.

Almeida continues the work that he began with the brand in 2015 and uses in his pieces the light stroke and design that seeks to balance with the past, present and future.

The collection follows the same line of creation of the tub and faucet that the designer developed for Deca two years ago. The white Cuba L.300 stands out by the light visual, with the flat sides that serve to accommodate bottles or towels, and converge to the center where the water flows gently away.

“The pieces developed by Jader Almeida perfectly follow Deca’s proposal to have products with high design that draw attention, convey sophistication in the right measure and create  the feeling of well-being and comfort”, says a spokesperson for Deca.


Almeida emphasizes, “The idea is to show a collection that mixes elements in a subtle way. Connecting people by emotion and providing comfort. For bathroom accessories, I created a design that could be versatile and used in various environments throughout the house”.

Smooth and slightly rounded lines add to the geometries that guide the washbasins of this collection, ideal for private or commercial projects with a focus on design and harmony between shapes. The round (L.311), triangular (L.312) and square (L.313) and large (L.314) square basins have angles designed to create a play of light and shadow, in a design that offers brightness to the environment (pictured above).

Who is Jader Almeida?

Jader Almeida was born in 1981 in the state of Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil. At the age of 16 he had his first contact with the furniture industry, beginning his involvement with the entire production process.

Since 2004 he has developed unique products for the Brazilian market as well as selected overseas manufacturers with his primary partner brand SOLLOS. In 2013, he joined the team of designers for the German brand ClassiCon.

Graduated in architecture, with award-winning pieces in major national and international design competitions, Jader Almeida has gained increasing international prominence and also works on architectural projects, both commercial and residential.


“I look for rationality, simple geometry, in pure forms with timeless aesthetic. I seek to create products with durable values. Approaching the legacy of the masters, but  looking ahead, thinking that the choices of today will be the reflection of tomorrow.”


Images: Deca Ceramics / Jader Almeida collection for Deca by Aquaplus Solutions