Elevating Hygiene and Design: Introducing GSG Ceramic Design’s Eco-Clean Flushing System for the LIKE Wall Hung WC

In a world where innovation meets environmental consciousness, GSG Ceramic Design takes the lead with a ground-breaking project that combines design excellence with sustainability. The latest offering, the LIKE wall hung WC with the new Eco-Clean flushing system, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of our times while reimagining the familiar.

Lifting the cover reveals a revelation – an unbalanced and entirely rim-free internal structure of the WC ceramic device. This ingenious design is complemented by the Eco-Clean flush mechanism, ensuring not only an exhaustive and exceptionally silent cleansing process but also a radical departure from traditional flushing systems.

LIKE Eco-Clean WC and matching Bidet

The Eco-Clean system ingeniously guides water through a finely-tuned pathway, dramatically reducing the need for extensive maintenance. Compliant with EN997 standards, it promises top-tier hygiene standards with a minimal water footprint – a mere three litres of water ensures thorough cleanliness.

Crafted with care, the LIKE wall hung WC embodies a revolutionary shape, featuring a rimless design and an invisible outlet. This forward-thinking approach eliminates hidden surfaces, elevating hygiene standards to new heights. And with a flush so silent that it registers around 50 decibels, GSG Ceramic Design seamlessly merges functionality with tranquillity.

Rimless Design and a near silent flushing mechanism

Diversity is key, and the LIKE wall hung WC is no exception. With a spectrum of 16 colours available in both Matt and Shiny finishes, it caters to individual tastes while adhering to the brand’s commitment to design excellence.

At GSG Ceramic Design, innovation and sustainability converge, resulting in a product that not only meets modern needs but also anticipates future challenges. To witness the brilliance of the Eco-Clean flushing system in action, you are invited to view the video here. Let’s embrace a future where exceptional design and environmental responsibility walk hand in hand.

LIKE wall hung WC – Available in 16 colours

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