Deca is a Brazilian company that is part of the Duratex Group which is a constituent of the parent company Itausa SA, one of the largest and most successful businesses in South America. Since 1947, the company has occupied a prominent position in the development and production of high quality ceramics and metals sanitary ware fittings for both the Brazilian and international export markets. Today Deca’s portfolio includes more than 1200 lines of ceramics including WC’s, bidets and basins and over 5000 lines of brassware and accessories

The national annual production now exceeds 18.2 million in metals fittings and 12.2 million in Vitreous China ranking Deca as one of the top five manufacturers in the world in terms of volume. With ISO 9001/2000 certification and approximately 6,000 employees, Deca exports to more than 26 countries, with emphasis in South Africa, Portugal, the UK, Middle East and the USA.

The focus on design lead the company to receive international awards for its products including the “iF Design Awards” in Hannover, Germany for four consecutive years.

Deca has a great concern for the environment and together with other business, they found the ONG Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brazil) in 2007, to assist in the development of products, processes and standards related to sustainable construction.

Deca was the only company in its industry to take this initiative. They also have recycling programs for re-use of water, especially in relation to the ceramic production where they achieve 52 percent water re-use.

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